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Corporate Responsibility

Building a Sustainable Future 

Since its foundation in the 1940’s, SW Bruce has worked hard to ensure a long term future for the business, investing substantial time and effort in supporting the local community.

In the current climate of Corporate Social Responsibility, we are proud to demonstrate the enduring benefits of these values. 

Supporting People

To help sustain our neighbouring area, we operate a policy of employing local staff wherever possible.
We also work to support the less able community around us.

Members of our staff donate their time and professional skills to a variety of projects in local special needs schools, and our charitable donations are focused on providing sports equipment to help the students reach their full potential.

Protecting the Environment 

In today’s challenging times, we recognise our responsibility as a business to help protect the future.
In implementing our ISO14001 and ISO9001 standards, we are constantly reviewing our purchasing, recycling and re-use policies to help our company, and our clients, meet the agreed emission reduction targets.
We source our supplies locally from partners who support our values and standards, ensuring that our materials are as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Focusing on the Long Term

A sustainable future for our organisation depends on ‘getting it right’ with our customers, staff and suppliers as well as the wider community and the environment.

By continually investing in our business, our people and technology, we believe in protecting the long term future by delivering positive change today.    

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